Energy efficiency policy implications for Spain: analysis of Spanish final energy consumption through input-output decomposition analysis

Rocío Román Collado, María José Colinet.

VI Jornadas de Análisis Input–Output. SHAIO (Sociedad Hispanoamericana de Análisis Input-Output). Barcelona, 7 al 9 de Septiembre de 2015.


The purpose of this paper is to analyse the main drivers that determine the variation of final energy consumption of the 73 industries and households in Spain between 2000 and 2008 through SDA analysis, as well as the key sectors that contribute the most to energy consumption. The results will allow us to discuss the impact of the public policies implemented in regard to the Spanish energy planning in several productive sectors and households during this same period. This study differs from previous analyses in the following aspects: it analyses the final energy consumption considering several sources (coal, natural gas, petroleum products, nuclear power and renewable energies) and forms of energy (electricity and heat), applying the structural decomposition not only on the sectors of economic activity but also on that of home power consumption.

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